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Welcome to the ILD Summit 2023

  • Identify Progressive Fibrosis Phenotypes Including & Beyond IPF 
  • Navigate Phase 3 Endpoints Across Indications & the ILD Market Potential 
  • Explore Systemic Fibrosis for Connective Tissue ILDs: Scleroderma, RA-ILD & Myositis-Related ILD 

The ILD Summit returned for the third year as the definitive industry-dedicated forum to evaluate IPF pipelines and explored the ILD therapeutic development potential. From the lung microenvironment and examining predictors of progression as clinical endpoints to clinical trial design for ILD wider patient populations.  

There remains huge opportunity to develop effective therapeutics for this underserved population as pirfenidone and nintedanib are approaching losing their patents and pipelines are advancing through preclinical development to the clinic. The ILD Summit gave its attendees the opportunity to navigate patient stratification and revolutionize ILD and IPF therapies.  

The 2023 summit provided the optimal opportunity and touchpoint in 2023 to meet with 60+ industry leaders and key opinion-leading academics including Boehringer Ingelheim, Genentech, Weill Cornell, Eli Lilly, Harvard Medical and many more to navigate the progressive phenotype across ILDs and to accelerate IPF/ILD pipelines to clinical success. 

This summit offered the unique opportunity to connect with drug developers and researchers supercharging life-changing IPF and ILD therapies into the clinic and to patients in need. 

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 “The ILD Summit was a high quality event bringing together leaders from academia and industry sharing the latest research and clinical learnings in the field of fibrotic pulmonary disease”


 “A great interactive experience among industry and academic colleagues and potential collaborators, sharing knowledge to advance science and drug discovery for ILDs”


“The meeting provides a very thorough review of the ILD landscape from bench to bedside”