Welcome to the 2nd Interstitial Lung Disease Drug Development Summit

The 2nd ILD Summit is a trailblazing industry specific forum committed to providing you with the latest scientific updates from Pfizer, Genentech, Novartis, Bellerophon and more so you’re equipped with the knowledge you need to inform and optimize your ILD drug development strategy.

From defining mechanistic drivers to evaluating the risk-benefit of clinically developing directly for ILDs, imaging and biomarkers to monitor progression, and innovative drug delivery systems, this 3 day virtual conference is built as the best opportunity for ILD, respiratory and fibrosis experts to comprehensively understand ILD drug development and advance anti-fibrotic benefits beyond IPF.

Unmissable Highlights Include

  • Analyzing biologics, small molecules & antibodies for the treatment of ILD with Pieris Pharmaceuticals & Trinity College Dublin to determine which one is most easily inhaled, nebulized & absorbed by the alveoli


  • Learning how to use biomarkers to distinguish patients with fibrotic vs inflammatory ILD with Genentech to strategically stratify trial populations & maximize trial efficiency


  • Investigating how to effectively leverage ILD clinical trials to further our understanding of the progressive pulmonary fibrosis phenotype and discovering key considerations for trial design in sarcoid with Novartis & Boehringer Ingelheim to streamline your clinical research


  • Uncovering emerging ILD therapeutic approaches including anticalins, VP01 (C21) and GSNOR inhibition with Vicore Pharma, SAJE Pharma & Pieris Pharmaceuticals to understand how you can utilize the latest research to innovate and upgrade your ILD treatment


  • Examining and analyzing inflammatory ILD vs fibrotic ILD with Pfizer, Boehringer Ingelheim & The University of Michigan to identify disease signatures and key cellular players in their development and progression to help tailor your drug development approach

For full details of the brand-new speaker faculty and program spanning discovery to clinical research, download your copy of the full event guide.