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What you missed at the 3rd Interstitial Lung Disease Drug Development Summit:

Returning for the 3rd year, the ILD Summit will lean into the industry’s key challenges, explore pipeline opportunity development, and look towards the future for ILD therapeutic development from idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis pipelines. From illuminating predictors of progression to define and identify the progressive fibrosis phenotypes for patient stratification to evolving clinical trial design with novel secondary and exploratory endpoints beyond FVC. This is a fantastic point in 2023 for the lung fibrosis community to come together to meet at the intersection of pulmonology and rheumatology to advance therapeutic development for ILDs. 

This is your comprehensive meeting to define your drug development strategy, delve into the therapeutic opportunity held by the next generation of therapies against IPF and ILDs, and transform the landscape with truly disease-modifying fibrosis strategies. Network with large pharma, academic super-giants, and biotech pioneers to build meaningful connections within the community and gather insights beyond the literature to accelerate the pulmonary fibrosis field. 

Expect to be involved in interactive discussion on:

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Deep dive
into the lung
microenvironment to
explore the role of
different cell types
beyond fibroblasts
and the extracellular
matrix to illuminate
the unexplored
targets for therapeutic
with AbbVie,
Boehringer Ingelheim
and The National
Institutes of Health

Join Boehringer
Genentech, Pfizer, and the National Jewish
Health to explore
the predictors of
progression for ILD
patient stratification
to inform clinical
trial design and drug

Implement novel
secondary and
exploratory endpoints
in clinical trial
design to highlight
therapeutic efficacy
and confidence to
drive a new wave of
ILD therapeutics with
Harvard Medical
School and University
College London

Look beyond
traditional models
to a combination
of novel nonclinical
models to effectively
predict early efficacy
with an emphasis
on inhalation
delivery with Pieris
and Chiesi

Apply a precision
medicine approach
to select and
personalise combinational
therapies for ILDs to
inform therapeutic
strategies and
development for
patients with UCLA
and Genentech

Who Will You Meet

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 “The ILD Summit was a high quality event bringing together leaders from academia and industry sharing the latest research and clinical learnings in the field of fibrotic pulmonary disease”



 “A great interactive experience among industry and academic colleagues and potential collaborators, sharing knowledge to advance science and drug discovery for ILDs”

Boehringer Ingelheim


“The meeting provides a very thorough review of the ILD landscape from bench to bedside”

Lassen Therapeutics


This was a superb meeting combining several emerging themes in IPF therapies. The meeting had a dynamic mix of formal presentations and impromptu networking”

Ceders-Sinai Medical Center


“This was the best pragmatic development conference for pulmonary fibrosis that I have been too”



“I thought this disease specific conference was informative, by planning a concentrated topic it gave an opportunity to look through a tighter lens”



“I found the conference very interesting. It was well organized and I like that it was small because it fostered a lot of discussion. The networking periods were extremely helpful and the speed networking was the highlight of the conference. I would love to have done a second round to meet the rest of the people and hear more about their work”

MatTek Corporation

lung thera

“I thought very highly of the conference and the job Hanson Wade did as an organizer. Great speakers, lots of useful information, very timely. Top KOLs in the field”

Lung Therapeutics


“Excellent panel of speakers, thought provoking discussions”

University of Oxford