We asked some of our speakers who will be taking part in this year’s inaugural meeting – ILD Summit.

As a speaker, how do you expect ILD drug development to evolve in 2021 and what are you going to take away from the ILD Drug development  Summit?

Both IPF and non-IPF ILD is continuing to grow as a focus of pulmonary practice, due both to increased awareness and diagnosis and also the addition of two approved therapeutics.  There are several compounds in development for ILD and this will further enhance the field. Attendees can hope to gain a more thorough knowledge of the approach being taken to better identify outcomes of interest in future ILD studies and how new outcomes are being considered.
Craig Conoscenti, Boehringer Ingelheim

I believe cell type specific therapies are the future. This will enable us to circumvent issues of toxicity and enable a larger therapeutic window of opportunity. This can be achieved through bi-specific antibodies which are already used in other disease contexts such as cancer. Furthermore, single cell RNA sequencing will enable the identification of much more specific targets that differentiate healthy and diseased tissues.
Ahmad Nabahn, Genentech

I would expect focus and interest on digital technologies, home spirometry, tele-medicine. Is COVID having an impact on the future of ILD drug development ? we may find out during the Summit.
Monica Bengus, Roche

 Current treatments for ILD's are helpful, but there is still a large unmet need for new more efficacious drugs.  I am looking forward to understanding more about the current state of biomarkers and how different groups are using these biomarkers to better meet the unmet need for new drugs.
Joel Matthews, Ionis

In 2021 and beyond, I expect that clinical trial design will evolve resulting in the approval of more drugs for the treatment of ILDs.   I look forward to learning more about different approaches for clinical trial design for fibrosing ILD and the key elements of a pre-clinical data package to drive success in the clinic.
Meghan Clements, Abbvie