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VIDA is a precision lung health company delivering AI-powered lung intelligence to accelerate new therapies to patients. The company’s library of 50+ quantitative biomarkers, 300+ TB of rich lung data, and 15 years of lung leadership combine to create a unique solution for both biopharma innovators and healthcare providers.

For biopharma innovators, VIDA DiscoverySM is a full suite of clinical trial services, including pre-trial site onboarding, advanced quantitative image analysis, post-trial data services and much more. VIDA accelerates respiratory clinical trials in several ways:

  • Precision quantitative biomarkers serve as attractive endpoints because of their sensitivity and ability to measure anatomical and functional effects of a therapy. As a result, trials utilizing VIDA’s imaging biomarkers may require fewer subjects.
  • The VIDA Intelligence Portal is a platform designed to ease imaging operations for trial sites. The portal streamlines onboarding of trial sites, ongoing training, and overall data management of a trial to ensure sites are successful in contributing high quality data to a trial.

For healthcare providers, VIDA InsightsTM empowers lung care teams with quantitative data and impactful visualizations designed to elevate quality of care. VIDA’s biomarkers measure lung destruction, inflammation, function and much more to aid the detection, diagnosis, treatment and tracking of all major lung diseases, including COPD, ILD, lung cancer, and now COVID-19. VIDA Insights is clinically cleared in the US, EU, Australia & Canada. Texture and subpluera view are available in the US and Canada under the public health emergency and available for research use in the EU and Australia.

VIDA has been recognized for its innovations in lung health. The company was recently named “one of 15 companies saving the world from COVID” by Forbes, was named an AI company of the year by Frost and Sullivan, and VIDA’s CEO Susan Wood was names one of the “top 50 Healthcare Technology CEOs.” Follow VIDA on social media channels @vidalung or at its website:


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Vitalograph Clinical Trials

Exhibition Partner

Custom solutions and a personalized approach mean we can meet a wide range of respiratory clinical study needs, with services including project and data management, clinical over-reading, training, software configuration, eCOA and site support available.

By listening to the requirements of your clinical operations team, our services can be tailored to meet the individual needs of your study and ensure the best-quality data is delivered through the most appropriate and cost-effective systems.

From small, simple projects to large, complex studies, Vitalograph can offer an experienced and flexible approach to clinical trial design.

Our knowledgeable and responsive teams of dedicated project and data managers, clinical respiratory physiologists, cough analysts, software development engineers, in-house QA and logistic specialists, plus highly-experienced site support staff, are what make our innovative and personalized solutions possible.