2023 Partners

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Event Partner

Since launching as a spin-out from the University of Oxford, Brainomix has pioneered the development of an AI platform that automates validated imaging biomarkers to improve both diagnosis and treatment decisions. Brainomix’s automated AI-imaging solution for Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD) assessment features a variety of classifiers and biomarkers for use in clinical trials. Find out how we can support your clinical development for treatments such as ILD, IPF and other lung diseases by improving patient selection and efficacy assessment.




Exhibition Partner

Vitalograph provides sponsors with everything needed to collect, QC, and report on Respiratory endpoint data for the following assessments: FEV1, FVC, SVC, PEF, ECG, ePRO/ eCOA, FeNO, DLCO, 6MWT, and objective cough counting.” Our knowledgeable and responsive teams of dedicated project and data managers, clinical respiratory physiologists, cough analysts, software development engineers, in-house QA and logistic specialists, plus highly-experienced site support staff, are what make our innovative and personalized solutions possible



Newcells Biotech

Exhibition Partner

Newcells Biotech provides clients with validated in vitro tools to understand how drugs interact with tissues. We build functional in vitro models of the kidney, retina and lung to improve clinical translation and drug discovery. By applying our expertise in induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), primary tissues, a deep understanding of cellular physiology and organoid technology, we have built validated models and assays that have proven to be predictive of how drugs interact with tissues and organs.